I’m Jade, a 23 year-old generalist artist. Recently graduated from Brassart Annecy (France), I’ve got a 3D bachelor’s degree in my bag.

I like modeling and texturing characters, environment, and props for animation or video games. As long as I can bring life and personality with few polygons, I think that every little thing which is part of a bigger piece of art matters. Sometimes I add movement to my creatures and props with basic rigging and animation work and bam, they’re suddenly alive. And I add some compositing to the frames to, you know, make it look good.

I’m also passionate about 2D, traditional ink, or digital painting, for concept art, storyboard, small animation, illustrations, or comics. Let’s be honest, before being on a screen, my world started on a blank paper.

Building worlds, all this yk, it’s my thing, and I had the opportunity to do an internship at The Pack Studio (Brussels, Belgium) for several months, which allowed me to put my skills into practice and discover that… Well, I want my passion to become my profession.

So here I am, Jade Nargeot, junior generalist, looking for new collaboration opportunities and stimulating projects (beyond that, I must admit that I’m a better artist than a waitress, sorry for the coffee sir). 

On that, I let you take a glance at my portfolio!